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Cheeni Kum!

30% less sugar, same great taste! This was a super fun stop motion + print shoot for Cadbury Dairy Milk Cheeni Kum - a brand new chocolate launched by Mondelez India. We were commissioned to shoot a stunning image and unwrapping stop motion for use across outdoor, print, digital and social media.

As has been the trend for the last couple of years that I've talked about before - our clients need multi channel / omni channel assets that work across mediums. The assets need to be in sync with each other and also provide a seamless experience and consistent communication to their consumers.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Cheeni Kum Chocolate photography
Cadbury Dairy Milk Cheeni Kum Chocolate photography

Now, chocolate is definitely not the easiest thing to shoot - add some stop motion, handling, rigging and warm lights and you could end up with a gooey mess! With a temperature controlled shooting area, very careful handling with instant live preview and feedback for our creative partners to weigh in. The idea for this was to tear open the wrapper along the design line of the packaging which is, you guessed it! 30% of the pack...

I was very pleasantly surprised to see this on a billboard just outside our studio a few weeks after the shoot - I grabbed this on my phone whilst driving in!

The stop motion part of the shoot was a lot of fun, and with our live feed going into Dragonframe we were all able to both visualise and see the animation come to life.

I remember back in the day, when almost all chocolate shot for advertising was an acrylic model, which is almost non-existent now. Wherever possible we like to make the chocolate on the shoot, live - literally minutes before it's shot to get the best possible looking chocolate photographs, and best of all, it's real! We're extremely fortunate to have clients that understand and trust us with their moulds - that allow us to work this way.

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