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Behind the scenes of the Mahendra Singh Dhoni TVS STARCITY+ commercial

Mahendra Singh Dhoni in front of the Red Weapon camera with the Helium 8K sensor on chroma green screen Director of Photography / Cinematographer Jignesh Jhaveri

Instagram's Boomerang app is so much fun! and so easy to use! The latest TVS Starcity+ commercial featuring Mahendra Singh Dhoni uses a Boomerang style treatment to highlight people's reactions to the new dual tone styling of the motorcycle. This commercial was so much fun to work on and shoot. Given Dhoni's packed cricket schedule, we had to shoot him much before we could design, build and shoot the set (monsoon time - so no outdoor location). Working with director Vijay Sawant of HUNGRY Films, the location was planned out, camera angles and sun positions pre-visualised, and Dhoni and the motorcycle were shot in a studio against a green screen (see image above).

A couple of weeks later the set was ready and we then shot all the other people and elements to match in.

Behind the scenes of the TVS Starcity+ commercial - Director of Photography / Cinematographer Jignesh Jhaveri

The footage was later composited by MFX.

Grading the TVS Starcity+ commercial with Naveen Shetty at Nube - Director of Photography / Cinematographer - Jignesh Jhaveri

Gear used:


RED Weapon with 8K Helium Sensor

Arri Masterprimes 35mm and 50mm


6 x Arri T24

9 x Arri T12

36 x Arri T5

2 x Arri Skypanel S120

6 x Arri Skypanel S60

Watch the commercial here:

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