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MP mein dil hua, bachche sa... (In Madhya Pradesh, my heart beats like a child...)

What does Bucharest, Romania have to do with an Indian tourism film for the state of Madhya Pradesh?

What do toys have to do with as well?

It would be easier and quicker for you to quickly look at this:

A labour of love... where every toy was created to convey a particular attraction - in fact there are only 2 which we bought - care to spot them?

So this film has no CG(i) - is a single shot, all done in camera. Yes we did use an industrial robot motion controlled camera as the toys were (slightly) unpredictable being wind up, spring driven and some motors...

In all this was probably a 6 month project including prep, build and shoot. The toys were designed, 3D printed and hand painted to work exactly as required.

Check out the behind the scenes here:

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